Travelling is fun and rewarding,most  times, we may be so confused on which city we should be traveling to with our families or  alone. That is why we have compiled interesting Ten Counties you should visit in the year 2020.

So, when is your next vacation? Will it be a place that you have already visited (and loved) or a completely new destination? Here are our picks of the top  ten countries in the world you should visit.

10.Tel Aviv, Israel

When many travelers think of Israel, they picture its historic capital of Jerusalem. But for cosmopolitan charm, the Mediterranean-facing city of Tel Aviv is the place to go. TripAdvisor calls Tel Aviv a "youthful and modern metropolis" and highlights the city’s thriving arts community, beaches, clubs and bars. While you can certainly find history in Israel’s second-largest city (visit Jaffa, the oldest part of the metropolis), Tel Aviv is indeed thoroughly modern.
The city’s top sights can be found in the neighborhood of Neve Tzedek, where a maze of winding streets house the city's hottest theaters and museums. TripAdvisor user JorgeJar of the United Kingdom called it “a little gem at the heart of Tel Aviv.”
09.Hong Kong
Hong Kong's amazing skyline has starred in many Hollywood films and is a truly thrilling site. As han000ka of Mexico City put it: "I never thought watching some ultra modern set of buildings could be considered an attraction but after being there, for me [it] is simply a must go."
Besides its impressive skyline, you'll find historical Chinese architecture in Ngong Ping village and enjoy serenity at the Buddhist Chi Lin Nunnery. Of course, shopping and Chinese food are also highlights of TripAdvisor's No. 22 city in the world.
Bali is on many travelers' bucket lists, and those who have been confirm that it's a must-visit. As TripAdvisor puts it, "Bali is a living postcard, an Indonesian paradise that feels like a fantasy."
From soaking up the sun on a sandy beach, to cutting through smooth-as-glass blue water, to delving deep into the rainforest to uncover centuries-old temples, Bali is a place where you can awaken your senses.
You can even get to know Indonesia's friendly monkeys at Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. "A wonderful place to visit and get to see these creatures in a place set aside to ensure their survival. Seeing them up to their antics was a highlight," said myamgm65 of Newark, New Jersey. "Also, having an opportunity to see some of the sacred ceremonies in progress at the different temple sites was absolutely worth the visit. Amazing experience."
"Rome wasn't built in a day — and you'll need much more than a day to take in this timeless city." Rome is a massive and amazing metropolis, especially for travelers who relish learning about the past. History can be found at every turn here, from the Colosseum and the Pantheon to churches and museums.
If that weren't enough, the private city-state of Vatican City, which houses a museum amassing thousands of works of arts and treasures from around the world, is surrounded by Rome.
The towering remains of the city's Colosseum is an impressive testament to Rome's strength and remains one of the best-preserved monuments here. Visitors rave that it's the "highlight of the trip."
From cobblestone streets and contemporary art museums to epic views and "the marvelous Sydney Opera House [which] looks like a great origami sailboat, floating peacefully in a harbor," Sydney has so much charm it had to make the list. 
Travelers single out the appeal of Cockatoo Island in the Sydney Harbor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that once served as the home of a prison, and today combines history with exemplary views and places to stay and eat.
Where to begin? Toronto is itself a cultural phenomenon, with residents from around the world and scores of languages, foods, customs and celebrations – they’re what make the city great. As Canada’s largest city, Toronto has outstanding museums and galleries, from the Frank Gehry–redesigned Art Gallery of Ontario to the delightful Bata Shoe Museum (yes, shoes). The same goes for theatres; the gorgeous Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre has backstage tours as well as regular shows, and Shakespeare in High Park channels the Bard every summer. There’s live music, poetry readings, comedy shows, LGBTIQ+ spots and more, too.
04. Hamburg, Germany.
Hamburg, the largest city in Germany after Berlin, lies at the head of the long funnel-shaped estuary of the River Elbe. Its location makes it an important link between the sea and Germany's network of inland waterways and numerous islands. The city is best known for its famous harbor area, the Port of Hamburg. In addition to being a major transportation hub, Hamburg has become one of Europe's most important cultural and commercial centers, as well as a major tourist destination.

The only part of old Hamburg to survive centuries of fires and wars, the narrow, curving Deichstrasse gives a sense of the city's past. Built long before the 19th-century warehouses and 21st-century harborside complexes, the street is a view into the city's Hansa past. The Hanseatic League was a medieval association of independent port cities and merchants along the Baltic and north Atlantic from the 11th to the 18th centuries, and even into the 19th century. Its distinct architecture is found throughout Baltic Germany. Deichstrasse takes you straight onto a bridge over one of the city's many canals. Massive brick warehouses, built a couple of centuries after the Hansa's power faded, form a canyon along the canal's sides.

03.Dubai,United Arab Emirates

Dubai is an oasis in the desert that boggles the mind. Man-made islands in the shape of palm trees, the world's tallest skyscrapers, the biggest malls and dancing fountains larger than those in Vegas converge along the Persian Gulf in this metropolis like no other.
Explore Old Dubai to get a glimpse of what the city was like before it struck oil, and take a safari into the desert for bellydancing and camel rides.
Visit the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. "Truly one of the top sights in the world, you can stand and take it in for hours," said CalireU220 from the UK. "Combined with the fountain shows it was brilliant. A must-see if you're visiting Dubai." 
Arguably the world's most romantic city, Paris comes in as runner-up on the list of the world's greatest destinations.
The City of Lights is filled with so many romantic sites: the iconic Eiffel Tower, the powerful Arc de Triomphe, the grand art museums of the Louvre and the Musee d'Orsay...the list goes on (and on).
Take a walk through the city's many parks and gardens, and stroll along the Siene, which cuts through the city center. 
TripAdvisor says "the perfect Paris experience combines leisure and liveliness with enough time to savor both an exquisite meal and exhibits at the Louvre." One reviewer advises travelers do some research before visiting that museum, though, as it's the most popular on the planet and can become stiflingly crowded.
01.London,United Kingdom.
It makes sense that the world's visitors are enthralled by this capital city: Its history connects to countries around the globe.
Explore the city's free museums, including the Tate Modern and the British Museum; shop in high-end boutiques from fashionable Oxford Street to Covent Garden; and visit the crown jewels at the Tower of London before checking out the royal family's residences of Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.